Other Uses

Invest in Completely Usable Space

One of the biggest benefits to an AgriBilt arch building is the complete use of interior space. Construction that’s free of posts, beams and trusses delivers a 100% clear span, which means you can do a lot more with your building than more traditional structures might allow.

These are just some of the various ways you can put your steel structure to use.

Soil and Dirt Storage

Forget about covering that dirt pile with a tarp and get the protection and longevity a steel barn provides. Our arch buildings help keep your soil and dirt dry and protected from high winds and extreme weather conditions. Just like grain storage, proper storage is a must. Consult one of our experts today.

Recreational Facilities

Enjoy your favorite recreational activities throughout the year with an indoor sports facility that has a completely usable interior. You can set up tennis and basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields, a gymnasium, gymnastics facility, driving range, skating rinks and much more. You can even turn your 100% clear-span space into an indoor paintball facility by adding barriers and obstacles.

Equestrian Riding Arena

Make your love of horseback riding an all-year experience with an indoor riding arena. Arch buildings have no interior columns, resulting in a clear-span space for uninterrupted riding. Install skylights for natural lighting.

Small Aircraft Hangar

Sliding and overhead door options make these steel buildings great for airplane storage. You’ll love the frameless design of our arch-style buildings, which allows you to fully maximize your space. Steel airplane hangars are a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for your aircraft storage needs.

Extra Garage

Whether you want to house your growing car collection or find convenient RV storage, an extra garage protects your vehicles from the elements and keeps them safe and secure throughout the day. Arch buildings are also great for boat storage.

We use only the highest quality steel:

  • 50,000 yield, AZ-55 GALVALUME coated steel
  • Features 55% aluminum and 43% zinc alloy

  • 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanized steel

  • High heat reflectivity and energy efficiency

  • Perfect for use in all climates

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