Hay Storage

Keep Your Bales Dry & Protected

AgriBilt® steel barns are perfect for use as hay storage buildings. Because there are no frames, these clear-span interiors allow for optimal use of storage space for your hay bales. Both round hay bales and square hay bales can fit easily inside one of our arch-style buildings. Check our Hay Storage Capacity Guide for specific details on building dimensions and storage quantities for each of our models.

Our metal farm buildings feature commercial steel with overlapping panels and premium-quality bolts to ensure a tight seal to keep your hay dry throughout every season. Sliding or overhead doors are sealed at the top, bottom and sides for superior weather and pest protection.

When storing hay, a steel-frame building is the best choice as it offers superior fire protection and higher wind ratings compared to other building materials. Plus, we use GALVALUME coated sheet steel, which is more rust resistant than galvanized steel, so you don’t have to worry about any compromises to your structure’s integrity.

There are several reasons why steel arch buildings are so popular in today’s agriculture industry. They are simple to set up, easy to maintain, allow maximum use of space and offer incredible structural strength. Best of all, AgriBilt® buildings are designed with reliable, quality materials that deliver long-term durability you can count on.

We use only the highest quality steel:

  • 50,000 yield, AZ-55 GALVALUME coated steel
  • Features 55% aluminum and 43% zinc alloy

  • 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanized steel

  • High heat reflectivity and energy efficiency

  • Perfect for use in all climates

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