Horse Barns

Protect Your Animals From Harm

Metal horse barns are a cost-effective, durable way to keep your horses safe and protected all year long. Make sure you factor in everything you need to keep the horses comfortable, including stalls, feeding areas and storage areas for hay and equipment—this will help you determine the building size you should use.

Low-rise arch buildings make great horse barns. Hay and other equipment is stored on the same level, which increases efficiency in your workday. You can get plenty of natural lighting by adding skylights to your arch building and make ventilation a breeze when you install turbine vents. Plus, all AgriBilt® structures are super easy to insulate.

Our steel horse barns are easy to set up and feature heavy-duty GALVALUME steel panels that simply bolt together for a tight seal, extra-strong construction and interior that is 100% clear span. This means there are no inside frames or supports to get in the way, allowing for a complete use of space.

You can rest assured that your prized horses are safe from harsh weather and other threats with doors that seal tightly all the way around when closed. Another plus: our doors come with all the hardware you need. When properly constructed, our horse barns prevent snow, rain and wind from coming in and protect against predators and pests.

When building with steel, you don’t have to worry about wood rot and the annoyances that come with other building types. All-steel structures are made from noncombustible materials, making them fire-resistant, too. Best of all, these buildings are designed to stand the test of time. You can also consider turning an AgriBilt structure into a horse riding arena.

We use only the highest quality steel:

  • 50,000 yield, AZ-55 GALVALUME coated steel
  • Features 55% aluminum and 43% zinc alloy

  • 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanized steel

  • High heat reflectivity and energy efficiency

  • Perfect for use in all climates

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