Livestock Shelters

Keep Your Animals Safe and Secure

Find the security and protection you need on your farm with livestock shelter buildings from AgriBilt® Building Systems.

Whether you’re housing dairy cows or sheep, there can be a variety of threats to your farm animals on a daily basis. Increase their safety and comfort by keeping them in a properly sealed building.

Our steel barns are easy to erect and designed for a lifetime of dependability, so you get exceptional convenience while avoiding the need to rebuild in the future.

We only use heavy-duty GALVALUME sheet steel and premium-quality bolts for maximum structural strength and an extra-tight seal to prevent leaks and keep moisture out.

Livestock buildings made from steel protect your animals from severe temperatures as well as predators, rodents and insects. Insulation is easy to add, and our doors are sealed at the sides, tops and bottoms when closed, making them weatherproof and pest-resistant. Compared to other building types, an all-steel structure also helps reduce the threat of fire and wood rot, proving once again that AgriBilt® steel structures are made to last.

More and more farmers are turning to arch-style buildings for all of their agricultural needs, including housing livestock. After your metal barn is set up, you can further customize it with interior structures and arch building accessories, including turbine vents and skylights.

We use only the highest quality steel:

  • 50,000 yield, AZ-55 GALVALUME coated steel
  • Features 55% aluminum and 43% zinc alloy

  • 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanized steel

  • High heat reflectivity and energy efficiency

  • Perfect for use in all climates

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